Fire - Elements of The Runners Online Race Series
Phoenix: Renewal, Passionate, Determined
Earth - Elements of The Runners Online Race Series
Bear: Steady. Vitality. Consistent
Metal - Elements of The Runners Online Race Series
Lion: Respect, Power. Strength.
Water - Elements of The Runners Online Race Series
Whale: Limitless. Playful. Adaptable.
Wood - Elements of The Runners Online Race Series
Tiger: Fast. Patience. Progress.

Elements of The Runners Online Race Series​

This is an Online Race. You can join and run or walk anywhere around the world during the event period – no specific starting time or starting place, alone or with friends and even at another race!

In Cosmology and Geomancy, the five elements are used to analyse a person’s personality and future fate.

Today, they are channeled into the character of a runner. Each element represents a unique character trail and together they formed a perfect balance. Take control of your destiny and acquired all the 5 elements when you complete this online race series.

Complete the race at anywhere and anytime within the respective running periods:

  • Fire: 1 Dec 2019 – 14 Dec 2019
  • Earth: 15 Dec 2019 – 28 Dec 2019
  • Metal: 29 Dec 2019 – 11 Jan 2020
  • Water: 12 Jan 2020 – 25 Jan 2020
  • Wood: 26 Jan 2020 – 8 Feb 2020
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How Does It Work?

An online race is an event that allows you to run or walk anywhere around the world during the event period with no specific starting time or starting place, alone or with friends at your own pace.


Sign Up

Find and join the online race that you like.


Track & Upload

Track your run/walk with a GPS-enabled running app, fitness wearable/device or on a treadmill and upload your result screenshot in your Spacebib account.



Earn your awards and get your physical race entitlements delivered to you.

Phoenix: Burning passion for running. Determined to push the limits.

Fire Element

Participation Period: 1 Dec – 14 Dec 2019

Introducing the first element of the Elements of The Runners Online Race Series—Fire. The fire phoenix is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates in Greek Mythology, just as man’s burning passion for running. The phoenix is also associated with the Sun, it symbolises renewal, a new chapter in life and in time. With a flame within their core, are you able to keep going and be determined to complete the race and push the limits?

Bear: Steadiness to maintain pace. Being consistent with a healthy lifestyle

Earth Element

Participation Period: 15 Dec – 28 Dec 2019

Introducing as the second element of the Elements of The Runners Online Race Series—Earth. The earth bear explores the outside world, run around the environment around us yet stay close to Mother Nature. It’s steadiness both mentally/physically, to maintain pace. It also symbolises vitality, courage, and health. Similar to the qualities that a runner possesses when they join a run, are you able to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Lion: Possesses steel strength. Willpower to conquer any challenge

Metal Element

Participation Period: 29 Dec 2019 – 11 Jan 2020

Now, the third element of the Elements of The Runners Online Race Series—Metal. The metal lion is a great warrior conquered by steel. In Asia, the lion is the king of the jungle. He is at the top of the food chain with his claws and teeth tearing and cut like a blade made of fine steel. Are you ready to become the one of the most feared warriors, and the most powerful and respected runner?

Whale: Explore limitless possibilities. Breaking boundaries

Water Element

Participation Period: 12 Jan – 25 Jan 2020

Next up, the fourth element of the Elements of The Runners Online Race Series—Water. The water whale delights all of our senses and brings healing energies to mind, body and spirit. A blessed symbol of the sea, and a spirit animal that takes us on a mystical journey to the lands of Atlantis, where we connect with the true essence of who we are & our limitless possibilities. Will you run limitlessly and break boundaries/limits?

Tiger: Constant Progression. Energetic and dare to try and succeed

Wood Element

Participation Period: 26 Jan – 8 Feb 2020

The final element of the Elements of The Runners Online Race Series—Wood. The wood tiger is one that seeks ways to grow and expand – similar to the progression of a runner, who continues to improve and join more runs in the future! Wood heralds the beginning of life, springtime and buds, sensuality and fecundity. Wood is associated with positive feelings of optimism, patience, and altruism/selflessness, which are the most important qualities of a runner. Are you able to apply your speed and intelligence to complete this final online race series?

Benefits of Joining Spacebib Online Race

Cultivate a Healthy Habit

You’ll get active and be disciplined to complete each race within the event period.

Earn Your Achievement

You’ll get your finisher entitlements, that represent your dedication and effort. 

No restrictions or excuses

You can choose your preferred location and time and run at your own pace.


A Special Reward

Get an exclusive distance running gold coloured coin (spinnable) worth $29.00 when you sign up for all 5 elements of Elements of The Runners Online Race Series.

element coins

Frequently Asked Questions

Login to your Spacebib “account” and go to “My Participation”. Once a race is open for submissions, a “Upload results” button will be enabled for you to submit your results.

Unfortunately no, you are required to run and submit your race results within the race period stated only. Early and late submissions are not accepted.

Yes, of course! You can complete your runs/walks using a treadmill. Please take a photo of your treadmill dashboard with the following information:
1. Distance (in KM)
2. Timing
3. Date (optional)

Yes, as long as you can track your run, walk or hike with a GPS-based app. Do note that, cycling and rollerblading or using any mobility devices is strongly prohibited.

All GPS-based apps, fitness devices and indoor treadmills are accepted. As long as your result screenshot can show the date, distance and timing duration of your activity, it’s accepted.

You will need to complete the full distance for your category in order to receive the finisher entitlements. You will still receive your event entitlements such as singlet and e-bib if you signed up for the classic or premium category.

Yes, please proceed to sign up for the new category and email us your previous registration so we can void and issue you a refund. However do note that changing of category can only be done before the start of the challenge.

Yes. Anyone can join our races. We do ship worldwide. Shipping fees may incur for certain countries.

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Everything in nature is made up of five basic elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Collect the five elements together with friends to attain greater health and happiness.

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